The efficient use of knowledge, especially in the field of the technology landscape, is an important competence for the future. The complexity of the general technology landscape continues to increase at high speed, across all industries worldwide. Technology management that is firmly anchored in the company and at best set up can help keep pace with these dynamic developments.

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Well-structured technology databases can help to manage the enormously growing amount of important data in the area of technological innovation in order to identify relevant developments at an early stage and to derive the need for action from them, and this also in particular for solutions to technical problems.

With the abundance of information and rapid updates, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with purely manual means. This is where innovative methods such as AI approaches can support, which can quickly derive current and relevant insights for the company from the huge amounts of data from the various development paths of technologies to ensure the completeness and timeliness of the database and thus gain a competitive advantage.